Conveyor Chain

When it comes to conveyor chain we have various different types in stock, used for various applications.

Roller conveyor chain  – Available in Hollow Pin, Solid Pin and Deep Side Plates, with plain or flange rollers. Common steel sizes and attachments are available in our Melbourne warehouse and can also be supplied in stainless steel and zinc or nickle plated.

Combination chain – C-55, C102B, C-111, C131, C132, & C-188

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Hardened Steel Bush (HSB) Chain – SS102B, SS131, SS188

Drop Forged chain – X348, X458, X678

700 Class Pintle Chain – SC720S

Roller conveyor hollow pin

Hollow pins provide assembly location to the outer links only. These may be bolted or loosely held in place by other means of securing. Attachments bolted to chain should not exceed outer link length, failure to do so could limit the operation of the chain.
Available sizes and full technical specifications here.

Roller conveyor solid pin

Solid pin conveyor chain is dimensionally the same as hollow pin chain. This chain should be installed where heavier workloads or arduous conditions are encountered. Attachments may be welded to side plates or ordered as integral to the chain.
Available sizes and full technical specifications here.

Drop Forged Chain

X348, X458 & X678 Drop forged chain is stocked in our Melbourne warehouse. Ideal for overhead conveyor applications as it flexes both horizontally and vertically and is extensively used in abattoir applications. Stocked chains are zinc plated for added corrosion protection and are also available in black if required.

Combination Chain

The combination of cast centre links and steel sidebars provides a rugged conveying medium. Typical applications include log conveyors, cane feeders in sugar mills and grit collectors. Combination chain is also used extensively moderate duty bucket elevators. Types of combination chain in stock include C-55, C102B, C-111, ,C131, C132, & C-188.

Hardened Steel Bush Chain

Hardened Steel Bush (HSB) Chains are designed as a substitute for combination chains where conditions require a heavier, more rugged chain. They are extremely durable without excessive weight. HSB chains are well suited to medium to heavy conditions. SS102B, SS131, SS188 all stocked in Melbourne warehouse. Available in both SOCOM and Webster Portalloy® brands.

Steel Bush Roller Chain


700 Class pintle chain

700 class pintle chain is of one-piece cast offset link construction joined together by horizontal steel pins complete with stainless steel cotters. This type of chain is extensively used in water and wastewater treatment applications. The pin joint construction permits operation in moderately dusty and abrasive environments. SC720S pintle chain is stocked in our Melbourne warehouse in SOCOM brand and is also available in Webster Portalloy® brand upon request.

Steel Pintle Chain

The following Steel Pintel Chains are stocked in significant quantities in our Melbourne warehouse.

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