Fully Customised Products

Sprockets Australia make many different customised products on our machines. Some examples are here on this page but we are always open to a new design for us to produce on the machines.

QD Bush Sprocket

WD112 Fabricated Steel Sprocket

Various Pulleys, Drive Wheels, Slat Band & Polymer Sprockets

9 Tooth x RO568 Offset Boss 3535 Taperlock Sprockets

13 Tooth Crank Link Drive Chain Sprocket

Module 44 Peg Sprocket Central Boss Bored & C-Bored (in machine)

Module 44 Peg Sprocket Central Boss Bored & C- Bored FHT (Complete)

800OD x Drive Plate c/w Powerlock, Slots & Drilled Holes on PCD

18 Tooth x 12B-1 Special Flanged Torque Limiter Chain Coupling Sprocket

15T x 4MOD Flanged Gear Assemblies X 2
M60 Square Quare Headed Stub Shaft
M60 Stub Shaft

Cable Stripping Knives From D2 Tool Steel

Shear Pin Assembly

Split Mounting Hubs

MC215 Bush Half Coupling Bored 7.002 Dia H8 Key 1.75” Tapered From Face

Chipper Infeed Drive Assembly

Adjustable Har 1 Browning Bush Hubs

Top Upper Feed Bearing Housing In Solid Steel To Suit Bearing 23964 CACW33 Bottom Bearing Housing End Cap

Complete With Shaft Spacer In Solid Steel

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