Power Transmission Project Sprockets

Power Transmission Project need specialised components, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Stainless Steel Sprockets

Triplex Sprocket Keyed At 90 Degrees

Can Key To Other Degrees

26 Tooth x ASA240-2 Plate 5050 T/Lock Sprocket

61 Tooth x 24B-2 With Lightning Holes

25 Tooth x ASA240-2 Double Boss Sprocket From Solid

 With Chain Wrap

52 Tooth x ASA140-2 Solid Duplex Sprocket

114 Tooth x 24B-3 Offset Boss Sprocket – Bored & Counter Bored c/w Lightning Holes and Support Ribs

45 Tooth x 32B-2 Central Boss Split Sprocket

172 Tooth x 16B-1 Offset Boss Sprocket c/w Lightning Holes, Bored & Counter Bored To Suit 100 x 145 Power Lock

10 Tooth x 24B-1 Offset Maxi Boss Sprocket c/w 2.25 Inch BK&SS

42 Tooth x ASA100-3 Triplex 3535 Taperlock Bore

15T x ASA100-1 OSB Cycloidal Rack Tooth Sprocket From Gr4140 & FHT.

61T x 2 1/4″ Pitch C/Boss Sprocket c/w 7060 T/Lock

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